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Discover attractions, and breathtaking experiences in the countryside 

Garnitz Gorge (Garnitzenklamm) - 6 km

In Carinthia’s Gail Valley the Garnitz Gorge has over centuries carved out a 4 kilometre gorge in the Carnic Alps. The origins are thanks to a geological fault in the rock strata, allowing the water to find a way through thus avoiding nearby impervious rocks. The gorge is about 10,000 years old.

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Nassfeld - 12 km

Nassfeld is worth visiting not only in wintertime but also in the summer. The various attractions include Pendolino,the longest summer toboggan run in Carinthia, die the cheese factory at the Tressdorfer Alm and the Acqua Trail, footpath by the water-all these provide good entertainment for all ages. 

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Rock Climbing

Our recommendations: 

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Villach - 36 km

A pulsating and vibrant city with views either side in to blue water and green woodland/countryside. This is what characterises this dynamic and exciting city in the heart of Carinthia. It has acquired the enviable trend setting reputation for flair, charm and antiquity. This makes it a great day out to experience Carinthia’s famous love of life under a Mediterranean sunshine. Get in to the zone and experience strolling through the city, picking off the shops, sample the regional cuisine and take in the history and culture – making an unforgettable experience. 

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Landskron Castle - 45 km

Falconers Franz Schüttelkopf and Michael Holzfeind managed to create a unique and internationally famous bird of prey zoo – unique in Europe. Their experience span decades and have been very instrumental in the intricate detail in how the zoo was set up. Most impressive are the free-flight demonstrations.

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Venice - 240 km

Venice continues to inspire both the traveller and the artist. Holidaymakers can visit the historic palaces, take a ride on a gondolier, or swim in the Lido. This city of world-renown is only a short hop from our apartments and is in the north east of Italy, stretching across the mainland and the network of islands that form part of the Adriatic Lagoon.

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Nock Mountains - 70 km

Sample walking in the mountains, taking in the unique fresh alpine air - a very special experience! You are confronted with breathtaking mountain panoramas in every direction, but the gentle terrain ensures that no one has to be short of breath! The unique flora and fauna in the Nock biosphere reserve are ever full of surprises. 

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Klagenfurt - 75 km

Klagenfurt is the southernmost regional capital city of Austria with some 100,000 inhabitants. It is the historic, commercial and cultural heart of Carinthia. It draws visitors from well outside Carinthia’s borders and is an important part of the Alpe-Adria Trading Zone.

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Tarvisio Market - 35 km

Only a short distance from the Austrian border ther is the Italian Tarvisio. With numerous restaurants, bars and the typical Italian charme, it invites you to stay.
For the shopaholic the market halls of Tarvisio are a must, with a huge range of clothing and leather goods - chance to practice your bartering skills! You can also buy groceries, traditional specialities and souvenirs.

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Lesach Valley - 60 km

The community of Lesach Valley is typical of this part of Carinthia, and encompasses the villages of Liesing, Maria Luggau, Birnbaum and St.Lorenzen, going towards the border with the Tirol. It has something to offer for everyone – whether you are sports enthusiast, or searching for a special culinary experience or just looking to ‘switch off from the world ...

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Smoked Bacon Festival in Hermagor - 6 km

Enjoying EU protection status, this unique ham with its reddish rind and pure white fat, its range of taste includes mildly salty, lightly smoked and spiced, with a full meaty flavour. It has a firm texture, easy to chew and melts on the tongue.

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Pyramidenkogel - 70 km

100m wooden tower, worming its way skywards with breathtaking views. Take in the beautiful panorama which includes the Carinthian mountains, Lake Wörth, and the 4 lake valley of Keutschach. The upper platform provides a 360? view of sparkling lakes, surrounded by soft rolling hills and the peaks of the Karawanken mountians.

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Hochosterwitz Castle - 90 km

This defensive castle with its armoury, collection of weapons, and renaissance paintings depict the history of this place. You can reach the castle either walking up through the 14 castle gates or taking the Fürst-Max-Train.

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Großglockner - 100 km

Only previously accessible by experienced mountaineers, the Großglockner and the surrounding alps can now be reached by young and old, who can experience the never - ending fascination of this beautiful area. The road is now wider, safer and easy to negotiate. 

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Lake Weissensee - 30 km

Only a third of the 23km shore line is built on – the remainder is a paradise. A rambling paradise with fjord- like waters of drinking quality. Wander through the 76km² of nature reserve. In winter lake takes on a 60cm thick ice blanket and creates Europe’s largest natural ice arena of 6.5 km², the main attraction of this area.

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The Julian Alps - 35 km

The Julian Alps are south of Villach, divided by the Karawanken mountains, and about two-thirds are in neighbouring Slovenia, with the remainder in Italy. Before the end of the First World War a part was then in Carinthia (Luscharberg, Montasch, Wischberg,Raible, Predil, Mangart).

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Cheese Festival - 38 km

One of the most important culinary ambassadors of the region is the cheese festival. It draws people from far and wide, both inside and outside Austria and this culinary event is a truly social occasion, generating valuable revenues, and provides a vital show case to our unique region.

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Polenta Festival - 15 km

Nötsch has hosted this festival for the last 20 years, and every year shows what can be made using polenta. Whether as an accompaniment to meat, fish or omelettes, or noodle fillings or sweet dumplings. This highly versatile ingredient is a god-send to culinary chefs looking to create to tempt the gourmet’s palette, by serving it on traditional tableware.