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Discover sights worth seeing, feel nature and have aha-experiences 

Garnitz Gorge (Garnitzenklamm) - 6 km

In Carinthian Gailtal Valley the Garnitzenbach steam has carved a 4 kilometre-long gorge into the rock of the Carnic Alps over the course of history - the Garnitzenklamm. On the one hand , it owes its formation to a geological fault zone in the mountains that offered less resistance to the draining water than the surrounding rockformations. The Garnitzenklamm is therefore around 10.000 years old.

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Nassfeld - 12 km

Nassfeld is worth a trip not only in winter but also in summer. Various attractions - such as Pendolino,the longest summer toboggan run in Carinthia, the Tressdorfer Alm, Dondolo (alpine swing) and the Acqua Trail, water trail - offer plenty of entertainment for young and old. 

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Via ferrata

Our recommendations: 

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Villach - 36 km

Pulsating life, city flair at its best, side views into the blue and green: this is what you get in the dynamic and exciting city of Villach in the heart of Carinthia.
What a city, what a flair! Villach: a young, chic trendsetter with charm and history. Villach: where Carinthian joie de vivre meets Mediterranean sunshine. Villach: that means tradition with its finger on the pulse. Ideal for city trips - with strolling, shopping, culture and culinary delights. 

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Landskron Castle - 45 km

Unique in Europe, falconers Franz Schüttelkopf and Michael Holzfeind have crdated an internationally recognised bird of prey zoo. They have incorporated their decades of experience into every detail of this facility. Impressive for all visitors are the feathery demonstrations in free fight.

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Venice - 240 km

Venice has always inspired travellers and artists. Holidaymakers can visit the historic palaces, take romantic gondola rides, or swim at the Lido. One of the most beautiful cities in the world is only a short hop from our apartments and is in the north east of Italy, stretching across the mainland and an island landscape in the Adriatic lagoon.

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Klagenfurt - 75 km

Klagenfurt has just over 100,000 inhabitants and is the southernmost provincial capital of Austria and the historic, commercial and cultural heart of the province of Carinthia. However, the attraction of the Lindwurmstadt extends far beyond the province's borders and it has positioned itself as an important centre in the Alpe-Adria region.

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Tarvisio Market - 35 km

Not far from the Austrian border is the Italian town of Tarvisio. With numerous ristoranti, bars and the typical Italian charme, it invites you to linger.
For all those who like to shop, there is also a market hall. Clothing, bags, belts, leather goods, etc. all available. Don't forget to bargain!
Foodstuffs such as pasta, bacon and other meat products are also available! Of course you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones there.

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Lesach Valley - 60 km

Lesachtal is a municipality in Carinthia. With the villages of Liesing, Maria Luggau, Birnbaum and St.Lorenzen, it encompasses the western two thirds of the Carinthian Lesachtal between the Tyrolean border and Kötschach-Mauthen. Whether you are planning an active holiday, want to indulge in culinary delights or simply want to "switch off" for once - there is something for everyone in the Lesachtal...

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Smoked Bacon Festival in Hermagor - 6 km

Characteristic for the EU-protected Gailtaler Speck is its red colour and snow-white fat. Gailtaler Speck has a mildly salty, well-developed cured, smoked and meaty flavour that is slightly spice. It is firm in consistency, tender to the bite and melts crumbly on the tongue. 

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Pyramidenkogel - 70 km

100m wooden tower, worming its way skywards with breathtaking views. Enjoy a unique panoramic view of Carinthia and its impressive lake landscape (Wörthersee, 4-Seental Keutschach) from a height of 920m. The hightest platform offers a 360 degree view of glittering lakes, nesteld between lush green hills and the mountain peaks of the Karawanken mountians.

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Großglockner - 100 km

The high mountains and the Großglockner: what was once reserved for experienced mountaineers has been an experience for young and old alike since the construction of the High Alpine Road, which enjoys unbroken enthusiasm and fascination. Much has changed since 1935. The road has become wider, safer and more comfortable.

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Lake Weissensee - 30 km

Of the almost 23 km of shoreline , only about 1/3 is loosey built up - the rest is paradise.
A hiker's paradise in untouched mountain scenery, around a fjord-like lake whose water is of drinking quality. Hike through 76 km² of landscape & nature reserve. 

In winter, the main attraction in this paradise is the up to 60cm thick, with 6,5 km² largest, cosed natural ice surface in Europe.

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The Julian Alps - 35 km

The Julian Alps are south of Villach / Carinthia / Austria, separated by the mountain range of the Karawanken mountains, and today about two thirds of them are on Slovenian territory, and one third in Italy. Before the end of the First World War a part was then in Carinthia (Luscharberg, Montasch, Wischberg, Raible, Predil, Mangart).

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